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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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through vallejo last night. >> really concerned about my family. >> reporter: the smell was so bad, hundreds of people went to the hospital complaining they couldn't breathe and felt nauseous. >> called the police and they told me to evacuate the city, or go into shelter. >> reporter: investigators are still looking into whether the sheen in the water may be connected to the odor. today the coast guard and california department of fish and wildlife contained the ship with an orange boom. phillips 66 left this message to the media and public on their recording. >> the exact volume of material released is still being determined. the cause of the incident is under investigation. at this time, there have been no injuries associated with the release and there is no anticipated health impact to the community. >> reporter: the shelter in place in vallejo was lifted and ferry service was halted just for this morning to keep the oil slick from spreading further. >> we have four gas detecters that we use to monitor the
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breathable atmosphere. we didn't pick up any unsafe readings in the city. >> reporter: so city officials, the coast guard, firefighters say no one is at risk but hopefully we'll find out the sheen and the smell were. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. anything but a normal day tore students #charter school in san jose. reports of gunfire near the campus led to a partial lockdown for much of the day. school staffers heard something like, gunshots or firecrackers around 9:30 this morning. it happened behind the charter school of morgan hill on monterey road. students were kept indoors all day as police investigated. nothing was found. the students were dismissed early in part because of police presence near the school. and in san francisco, fire forced the evacuation of a dental office and two homes in the potrero hill neighborhood. smoke started pouring out of the building about 2:30 this
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afternoon at 19th street and vermont. firefighters got it under control in about an hour and no injuries were reported. police in charlotte, north carolina bracing for another violent night after the fatal shooting of a black man by a police officer who is also black. at one point, part of an interstate was shut down. today, two different stories are emerging about what led up to the shooting. cbs reporter don champion with a woman who is contradicting the police station version of >>eporter: huh 43-year-old keith scott died after being shot by police in this charlotte parking lot tuesday is not being disspewed. but a witness is casting doubt on the official police story about who shot him and why. police chief kerr put any says officers looking for the subject of a warrant noticed scott with a wep. weapon -- with a weapon. >> mr. scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun as the
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officers continued to yell at him to drop it. he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers, and officer brentley vinson subsequently fired his weapon. >> reporter: officer vinson an african-american was placed on administrative leave. >> they are trying to cover it up. >> reporter: this woman says she witnessed the shooting and took this video moments after the gunshots. but her story is very different from what police say happened, including the race of the police officer. >> the white cop with the bald head pulled up behind that man, blocked him into [ indiscernible ] told him to get out, hands up. he got out, walked behind his truck with his hands up, and the man shot him four times. i mean, when he got out of the car, a book fell off his lap. the book that he was reading. >> reporter: police say no book was recovered from the scene. a handgun was.
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the discrepancies are adding to tension. last night, protestors rioted throwing rocks and bottles at police and damaging patrol cars. today, both sides are calling for calm. while the officer who shot scott wasn't wearing a body camera, there were other officers at the scene who were. and there's also dash camera video from yesterday. pgh the police chief has already said he will not be releasing any of those videos because of the ongoing investigation. earlier today, the local chapter of the aclu was among those urging the chief to reverse his decision. in charlotte, i'm don champion, kpix 5. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton also weighing in on the events in charlotte. >> i know from being a black person it's a lot of black people that don't do right by black people so you can't be a hypocrite and just say, oh, well, a white man or a white police officer killed a black man. nah, that's still messed up. i'm not saying it's okay. i'm just saying we just still got to be, you know, have a --
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have a -- have a clear vision on both sides. >> newton said police brutality is embarrassing to even talk about but he wants to get more information about what happened before passing judgment. in tulsa, oklahoma, a federal civil rights investigation is under way into this fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. a police helicopter and cruiser dashcam show tulsa police responding to reports of a stalled vehicle on friday not clear what prompted the officer, betty shelby, to shoot him. >> it went from hey, man, this your car all the way up to literally screaming at him to stop what he was doing. >> he was walking to the car and they shot him down like he was a dog. >> officer shelby on administrative leave tonight pending the investigation. a national day of "justice" is planned on tuesday in tulsa. >> reporter: the family of a homicide suspect shot and killed by san jose police is
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filing a wrongful death lawsuit. maria medina asked our legal analyst to weigh in on what might happen in the courtroom. >> my guess is this is going to be a very difficult case for the family to win. >> reporter: but retired judge and kpix 5 legal analyst ladoris cordell says it's not i am pour for richard jaquez's daughter to win the lawsuit she just filed against the city of san jose. it's not impossible for her to win the case. >> but there are problems on both sides. >> reporter: last year police defended their actions when they shot jaquez in the back as he ran away from officers. >> the officers chasing the suspect and the suspect reaches for the waistband area. >> reporter: but 24 hours later, police retracted that statement, a statement that could now come back to haunt them. >> that's a big issue because that sheds light on the credibility of the police officers so a juror hearing that says wait a minute, if they lied about that, maybe they are not credible about anything else. >> reporter: although it turns out jaquez didn't have any
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weapons, police did believe he was not only armed but dangerous. he was wanted in a cold-blooded murder caught on surveillance camera and they believe he was about to kill again when they tried to pull him over days later. he ran add was shot by police. >> given that the law is in favor of police officers when that he fire even if the person isn't armed. it's what they reasonably believe. >> reporter: this man was apparently running toward a home and his back was towards police when he was shot. >> right. if he is running towards a home he could use that gun to hurt people in the home. so their argument is we shot because we wanted to keep him from doing harm to anybody else. >> reporter: jaquez was running towards his cousin's home when he was shot by police. sjpd spokesman directed our questions to the city attorney, who has yet to return our calls. maria medina, kpix 5. >> the fbi is asking the public's help in finding two men in connection with the
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bombings in new york and new jersey. and we're learning more today about the key suspect, ahmed khan rahami. the chairman of the house homeland security committee held up a copy of a bloody page from rahami's journal during a hearing on domestic terror. rahami is facing 10 federal charges including use of a weapon of mass destruction and bombing a public place. >> talks about god willing the sound of bombs will be heard in the streets, gunshots to your police, death to your oppression. >> the feds released surveillance pictures showing two people apparently removing an unexploded pressure cooker from a piece of luggage on saturday. authorities say the men took the suitcase which was just a few blocks from where the other bombs detonated. the men are being sought as witnesses, not suspects. campaign 2016. democratic vice-presidential nominee tim kaine is raising money here in the bay area tonight. he arrived at sfo earlier
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today, went to two fundraisers in atherton, one hosted by two republican women. tim kaine has san francisco fundraiser on the schedule this evening. hillary clinton and donald trump are both campaigning in key battleground states. as craig boswell reports, trump is trying to appeal to minorities while clinton talks money. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: hillary clinton outlined her vision for an all- inclusive economy while campaigning in orlando. >> you have to build an inclusive economy that welcomes people with disabilities, values their worth, treats them with respect. >> reporter: a cbs news tracker shows clinton has a two-point lead over donald trump in florida. clinton intended to focus solely on the economy but national attention on recent police involved shootings of black men in oklahoma and north carolina have both candidates speaking out. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african-
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americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it's unbearable. >> that man was hands up, that man went to the car, hands up, put his hand on the car -- i mean, to me, it look like he did everything you're supposed to do. >> reporter: trump's remarks came during a gathering of pastors in ohio. the latest polling shows him ahead of clinton there by 5 points. >> there's nothing like doing things with other people's money. >> reporter: trump what's campaign is downplaying the latest allegations that he misused charity funds from his foundation. tax documents show trump's foundation sent $158,000 to a man who sued him for withholding $1 million in prize money after the man scored a hole in one at trump's golf course in 2010. >> i talked to the tax experts who said they had never seen anybody do this. >> reporter: clinton will be off the campaign trail for the rest of the week. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house.
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>> that debate will be monday night at hofstra university in new york. clinton and trump aren't the only ones facing off monday night. twitter and facebook will compete for live video viewership of the presidential debate. twitter announced today that it's teamed up with bloomberg to stream the debates live. the mastermind behind facebook now has the goal more ambitious than connecting the world to the internet. this morning in san francisco, mark zuckerberg hugged his wife, priscilla, as they announced that they are committing $3 billion over the next 10 years to help eradicate all diseases by the end of this century. at one point chan walked way in tears. >> the science behind medicine, the limit of our ability to alleviate suffering, we want to push back that boundary. [ pause ] >> by investing in science
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today, we hope to build a future in which all of our children can live long and rewarding lives. >> the commitment includes $600 million to fund a new research center here in san francisco. today u.s. lawmakers grilled the head of the company that makes epipens about aggressive price hikes. they want to know how the cost of the life-saving allergy medicine grew by 500% since 2007. the ceo of mylan told lawmakers only a small minority of patients actually pay the full price. and the company's profit is just a fraction of that. but they weren't buying it. and they pointed out as the price skyrocketed, so did the ceo's salary. >> by last year, her compensation has soared to more than $18 million. >> we have worked diligently and invested to enhance epipen and make it more available. >> lawmakers are pushing the fda to approve new competitors
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in order to break up mylan's monopoly. an update to our story last month on a pedestrian danger in san jose. this is the long busy foxworthy avenue near meridien. the crosswalk markings there disappeared when crews repaved the street. but the pedestrian sign remains. it created confusion for drivers and people crossing between two shopping centers. now today crews were back but this is what they left behind. two thin spray-painted lines on the pavement. they told our photographer they will be back sometime in the future to finish the job. right now a third city in the bay area is without a police chief. coming up, the questions surrounding the sudden resignation of berkeley's top cop. >> plus, learn how a bay area police officer is coming to the aid of the family of a toddler struck and killed by a bus yesterday. >> and she didn't order it so why did a rolex watch turn up in a woman's mailbox?
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how the discovery turned into a criminal investigation. ,,,,
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berkeley. kpix 5 reporter wilson walker says the annou another bay area police chief is stepping down this time in berkeley. kpix 5 reporter wilson walker says this announcement is sending shock waves through the
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department! >> no one knows. i mean, i -- i definitely did have the opportunity to talk to the chief this morning. he communicated with me personally. >> reporter: the resignation of berkeley police chief michael meehan came as a surprise to just about everyone, including the man who helped hire him. >> um, he said that it's been six, seven years, he needs to take some time off. >> reporter: his tenure was not without controversy. in 2014, there was public criticism over the police response to a "black lives matter" demonstration. and in 2012, there was his decision to have multiple officers investigate the theft of his son's cell phone. then his sending a uniformed officer to a reporter's home to demand a story correction. a move that outraged even his own officers. >> really outraged, we're shamed, we're embarrassed by the chief's actions. >> reporter: today that police association was quick to throw praise on meehan's interim replacement captain andrew greenwood. >> he is a great choice, served for 31, 32 years in the police department. >> reporter: but meehan was also praised for liberal
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reforms like crisis intervention training and public access to arrest data. >> he has done extreme movement in the police department to get them to a more progressive and, um, more transparent, um, police department. >> reporter: oakland has gone through 6 chiefs while san francisco has gone through 3 during his tenure. >> i think that's a very good point to make. he has been here for 6 1/2 years. >> reporter: so now berkeley will post our region's latest help wanted sign at a time when running a police department is no easy task. >> three of the major cities in the bay area right now do not have a set leadership. we have acting chiefs. that's concerning. >> reporter: in berkeley, wilson walker, kpix 5. an oakland police captain is starting a fundraiser for the family of a 2-year-old boy who was killed by an ac transit bus yesterday. family members say jeremiah esera was chasing after a ball when he was struck. it happened at the corner of 35th and penniman avenue. the police captain says that he
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and others responding to the call were deeply moved by the tragedy. the fundraiser has collected more than $10,000. we put donation information on our website, it came out of the blue. a bay area woman gets a rolex watch in the mail. and as consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, after that, the surprises just kept coming. >> reporter: marie thought it was strange she had a package waiting for her at the post office. >> it was from a person that is unknown to us. >> reporter: then she opened it up and things got stranger. inside, a rolex watch in rolex packaging but that was it. >> no user manual, no note card, no invoice, nothing at all. >> reporter: the only clues? a return address in indiana and this ebay tracking number on the front of the envelope. >> never owned an ebay account. never bought anything on ebay. >> reporter: she quickly determined the watch was counterfeit and called police, who told her, real or fake -- >> because i actually accepted the package, it was now in my responsibility. >> reporter: but she was concerned she might be part of
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a larger scam. it turns out, she was right. we tracked down the man who sent marie the watch. he said he bought it on ebay and when he realized it was a fake, sent it back to the seller but that seller ebay now confirms provided marie's address instead of his own. >> this is name and address fraud. >> reporter: author and professor steve weissman says this is a growing form of id theft where criminals use someone else's address as their own to avoid being caught. >> symptom get a list of people -- symptom get a also of people, phone -- simple to get a list of people, a phone list, it's readily online. >> reporter: in a statement ebay says these types of scams are very rare when put in the context of millions of transactions conducted each day. as for marie, she is just grateful to have solved the mystery of the random rolex. >> i would like this package taken off my hands. >> now, ebay told marie she should just throw it away and apologized for inconvenience. the company says it has suspended the seller who used marie's address and the buyer
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will be reimbursed via ebay's money back guarantee. apparently this is more common than you might imagine. it sounds like she did all the right things. >> she was just terrified that it was a new scam that might impact her in some other way and it's not clear if the person who used her address has other information of hers. he could have just gotten it from the yellow pages. >> terrifying. >> thanks, julie. if it feels like there's a little bit of a nip in the air a lot like autumn, there is a good astronomical reason as we rushed toward the equinox now coming within? hours, we get the coolest day of the week and maybe even some sprinkles. stay tuned. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, an ugly act at a bay area high school turns into an incredible demonstration of school spirit. how students rallied to support a vice principal after she became the target of hate. ,,
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hello, hi, welcome back! we had temperatures in the low 100s inland over the weekend
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but what a difference a couple of days can make. today the numbers came down another 10 to 15 degrees incredible so that it's just 75 degrees at concord right now. not to say that it's not pleasant. it is. sunshine around the bay area, no low clouds at the shoreline but maybe some drizzle tonight. in fact, they had rain out at the sierra where over there by mammoth lake they had a fairly good shower late this afternoon and down in san diego, as well. they had .2" of rain in the southland. for us temperatures in the mid- 50s overnight lows tonight. sun-up on the first day of autumn tomorrow morning at 2 minutes before 7 a.m. and then 22 minutes later we officially hit the autumnal equinox which ken will explain in a minute but in the meantime looking at the satellite and radar in southern california and we get some light sprinkles down there. that low is going to head south and so as this gets closer to the bay area it's going to be on top of us tomorrow. you get drizzle along the
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shoreline, be slower to clear tomorrow, and numbers bottom out on thursday. and then they are going to turn around by the weekend. but just to give you an example, san jose which was in the low 90s over the weekend tomorrow as the day goes on get some sun and clouds and a temperature of just 68 degrees by tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 about the time it will hit its high. so numbers continue unusually cool in the bay area on the first day of fall. breezy night, sprinkles along the shoreline a possibility. and it will stay breezy and cool tomorrow. but by the time we get to the weekend, the numbers are going to be warming into the 90s inland. not tomorrow, though. we are looking at readings below average. 66 in the city. concord 75. 68 at oakland. near 70 degrees will do it for the south day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine in the east bay but mild temperatures just mid-70s to tough things out with. north bay tomorrow sunshine but along the shoreline, could be some drizzle so don't forget that. ukiah 75.
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clearlake 73. in the extended forecast, after temperatures cool further tomorrow, look what's saturday through monday back to the 90s inland. remember, tomorrow, you will be able to detect that first day of autumn coming into the bay area as we look at mostly clear skies around the bay area. that's what it looks like in weather. we have more in news coming up. ,,,,
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- in 2013, i was working three jobs bartending, sharing a ten by ten room, struggling. i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy. the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life.
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inary animal control officers in palo alto got a strange
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request. help find a runaway tortoise. [ laughter ] >> but this isn't an ordinary tortoise, no. big bertha weighs 134 pounds. she escaped from a home in los altos hills. once animal control officers found her and placed her into their truck, they needed help from firefighters to get her out! and now the animal is back with her owner. >> somewhere there's a rabbit, a hare that's going to show up tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> that's it for us at 5:00. cbs evening news with scott pe lley" is next. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: racial tensions explode. a night of violence in charlotte after police fatally shoot a black man. there are conflicting accounts of what happened. >> mr. scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun. >> he had no gun! >> pelley: also tonight, the f.b.i. is asking your help locating these two men, wanted e new york a in the new york and new jersey bombings. congress grills a drug company c.e.o. over the skyrocketing costs of life-saving epipens. and: cops and kids change places to promote understanding and peace.


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